History of the

Axel Müller (Managing Director)

It all began with a passion:

My enthusiasm for mountaineering and all outdoor activities arose from climbing and the German Alpine Club DAV Sonneberg section. After all, I wanted to make my hobby and my love of nature my profession in order to inspire others for our region.
I started to offer adventure programs for groups in the Thuringian Forest with my business partner at that time. In 2001, we opened the Steinach high ropes course, the first of its kind in the new German states.

The large number of groups and the lack of adequate accommodation made it necessary for me in 2003 to bring my own house to life.

That's how our company name came into being:

OUTDOOR = the various actions and programs that we offer, and
INN = the English word for hostel / guesthouse

The Sporthotel Steinach was added at the end of 2009. Our outdoor activities now range from conference bikes and soapboxes in summer to snowshoe tours and snowbiking in winter.

From a toy factory to an outdoor inn

In Sonneberg, a large part of the toys and toy accessories were traditionally produced at home, for example in Neufang, especially teddy bears, but also animal voices, doll's eyes and wigs. The current building was mainly constructed by the company itself as part of the founding of the cooperative in 1969 and has since served as a production site for around 60 toy manufacturers. In 1972 the company was transformed into a state-owned enterprise (VEB).
From then on it was part of the VEB PIKO, known for its model railway, until the turn of 1989.

In 1976 the building was extended by an elevator extension with a large loading ramp, today's main entrance. From 1990 it served as a small textile processing workshop under the name NEUCO. After that it stood empty for 3 years and was exposed to decay.

In 2003 we, the Müller family from Sonneberg, acquired the property. In only 7 months the old building was completely renovated and renewed. The outer shape of the house was largely preserved. A consistent new design and functional idea for the building complex was developed and realised using natural wood in combination with modern materials and colour accents.

Since the opening in 2004, we have been able to offer our guests a suitable overnight accommodation in addition to our various outdoor experiences. Our guesthouse is ideal for groups of all kinds and is also very popular for family celebrations.

Various conversions and extensions since the opening complete the overall concept.

Before ...

... Afterwards

... Afterwards

10 years outdoor inn

A video about our company history:

Guesthouse Sonneberg
Sporthotel Steinach
Outdoor Experiences

An FDGB home becomes the Sporthotel Steinach

In order to accommodate more guests and make better use of the winter season, a second property was added at the end of 2009. Again in only 3 months the former holiday home of the Free German Trade Union Confederation at the railway station in Steinach was redesigned.

An unusual colour concept, sporty themed rooms and a leisure area with a climbing cellar match the individual totality of the outdoor inn.

In the former heating cellar a sauna landscape with Finnish sauna, infrared cabin, changing room and showers was installed. The different areas of the hotel with family rooms, holiday apartments and group areas appeal not only to private individuals but also to groups of all kinds.

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