This is about the sausage. It's about the original,

the Thuringian bratwurst!

This team challenge is literally about the sausage - our original Thuringian bratwurst! But before it can be sizzle and eaten on the grill, the teams have to get to the utensils for a proper barbecue party. So "fire free" and on to our grillgaudispielen like tree climbing, beer mug lifting, bottle fishing, betting nails, archery, GPS search, and much more.

All teams have to organize different parts for a bratwurst party. These utensils can be played at different stations. The teams have to solve different tasks to get to the things and bring them to the common barbecue camp. Here you can sizzle and choose the best sausage!

  • timeframes

    from 2 hours

  • Our prices - MORE IS LESS

    Depends on number of participants and duration of program

Our tasks consist of funny grillgaudispielen like e.g.

  • archery
  • tree climbing
  • Making fire ("Aug in Aug")
  • bottle fishing
  • beer stemming
  • betting nails
  • betting saws
  • GPS Search

Full service from A to Z!

Our services:

  • Planning and execution of the event
  • Supervision and moderation by trained guides
  • All necessary equipment
    (grills, cutlery, sausages, etc.)
  • Award ceremony with special trophy for place 1
    and medals for places 2 and 3