Everything in order on the raft

Everything in order on the raft

Prepare to (re-)board!

This campaign demands creativity and team spirit from each individual! The task of this all-man manoeuvre is to assemble various individual parts, which the group finds on the riverbank, into a floating and load-bearing raft.

The "ingredients" that ensure fun and success are creative problem solutions, the ability to improvise, goal-oriented action and above all good teamwork! Once the work has been completed, we embark on a voyage of discovery on a lake.

Can the construction withstand its load? Also the conquest of the waters only progresses with united forces! The navigation of the "miracle" floating in such a way takes place again by the constructors themselves.
Everyone will be rewarded with an unforgettable nature experience and lots of fun with the common cause!

This action can also be modified by not constructing a raft, but a bridge over the water, built and walked by the whole team.

According to the motto: "open for new ways" or "building bridges".

Our services:

  • Supervision and moderation of the event by our outdoor trainer
  • modern equipment and creative choice of materials

Time frame:

  • approx. 3 hours

Our prices - MORE IS LESS:

  • for participants up to 10 39 € per person
  • for participants up to 20 35 € per person
  • for participants up to 50 29 € per person

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