group offers

Our lodge Sonneberg is the perfect group house for 20 - 60 people:
Uncomplicated, inexpensive and with plenty of free space!

You are not only undisturbed by the fantastic location. We take care of your well-being - but only as much as you like.
Reduced prices apply for youth groups. You are welcome to bring your own bedding and our kitchenette is available for self-catering.

TRAININGSlager and SPORTjourneys

Sonneberg - home of German top athletes and clubs:

> Silke Kraushaar and David Möller - Olympic champion and world champion in luge,
> Sebastian Lang - Professional cyclist and participant in the Tour de France
> 1st Sonneberger VC 2004 e.V. - Volleyball Thuringia League
> Sonneberger handball club e.V. - Thuringia League
> 1. swimming club Sonneberg e.V. - Training in the sunbathing area

Let yourself be inspired by top performances!

Sonneberg offers 10 gyms of which 3 are large three-field gyms,
6 hard and grass courts offer very good training possibilities for every sport.
At our guesthouse there is a football field and a volleyball net, in about 600m distance there is a large playing field made of natural grass.

Our special service:
We also take care of the hall occupancy for you.
On request, our kitchen team will put together the right meals for you for every type of sport.
Or improve not only your physical performance but also your mental strength and the team spirit with our team-building activities.

CHORlager - MUSIKfreizeiten - ORCHESTERreisen - PROBEtage

Use a few days of intensive and effective rehearsals to prepare musical highlights of the year.

Our multifunctional room "Himmelreich" offers space for about 40 participants of a band, a choir or an orchestra to make music together.
With comfortable overnight stays, tasty meals and, if required, an exciting activity programme, we provide the perfect setting so that you can devote yourself to music in peace and quiet.

Our special winter offer for musicians you will find here.

Are you an association for disabled people, an association for people with disabilities, a life support organisation or an integrative group?

Unfortunately, our house is not wheelchair accessible, but otherwise we are happy to adapt to the individual needs of your group in every respect and welcome you warmly!

Workshops for ART - DANCE - THEATER

A day or even several days with overnight stay - with us you will find great conditions for your cultural programme.

Our "kingdom of heaven" with ceiling paintings and beautiful views of the surrounding nature will inspire you and offer you space and peace to pursue your passion.
Our spacious outdoor area with cozy corners also invites performances.

Youth holiday - CONFIRMANDENfreizeit

For young people on their way to young adults, a youth pond trip or confirmation trip with peers is often on the agenda. A successful mixture of values and knowledge transfer and the communal experience make time a special experience.

Our premises and the extensive outdoor area are at your disposal for theory and practice. We are happy to support leisure activities with our diverse outdoor activities and/or team training to strengthen the group or the individual.

Be our guest. We are happy to reserve your desired date.

Lodge Sonneberg | Sternwartestraße 18f | 96515 Sonneberg | Phone 03675 40 68 04