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Far View Lodge

View from the outdoor inn lodge from Neufang in the direction of Sonneberg

Sporthotel Steinach

View over the Steinacher Marktplatz to the ski arena at Fellberg

golf climbing park

our new leisure highlight in Oberhof

Adventure Golf, Giant Swing and Crystal Tower

Crystal tower and gastronomy

Skiarena Silbersattel at Steinach

Thuringia's largest ski resort

Mountain station (842 m) Fellberg plateau

View from the middle station towards the chairlift and steep slope Fellberg

View middle station towards Pumptrack and rental and service station

View from the chairlift to the ski arena and to Steinach

High Bleßberg

Winterwelt Schmiedefeld

Das Familien Paradies

Bergstation Liftbaude 863mNN

Talstation 740mNN

more webcams in the region

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